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How The Banking System Exploits You and Causes Poverty

And how you can help defeat this gigantic global parasite (and become wealthy too).

This web site will shock and disturb you. But it's the TRUTH. So be prepared to have your basic beliefs about the real world we live in turned upside down.

Why is it that banks, which produce nothing (except a lousy service for their long-suffering customers) are the wealthiest institutions in history?

And how come nearly every small manufacturing business in Western countries is up to its neck in debt, owed to the banking system?

How come banks always own the best buildings in town - and without a mortgage or any other kind of borrowing secured on them, of course, whilst manufacturing industry and everybody else has to struggle to pay loans secured on whatever property they own - loans owed, of course, to their bank, which itself produces - nothing. Nothing apart from debt and misery, that is.

You'd think manufacturing industry and agriculture, producing the things essential for our way of life, would be wealthy, and the banks, whose original roles were mere custodians of their customers' money, would be just that - lowly servants of productive industry and all its other customers.

The answer lies in the secret revealed on this web site. Banks have, literally, a licence to print money. All our industry and commerce is beholden to this monstrosity. Yet no-one seems to want to blow the whistle on this iniquitious system. All our economists, politicians, journalists, statesmen (if we have any), all of them seem uninterested in even discussing it. All the books and articles, the treatises and magazines, the TV documentaries and discussion groups, the universities and institutions, they are all blind to this gross injustice and discuss our financial and economic ills as if it didn't exist.

"The few who understand the system will either be so interested from it's profits or so dependent on it's favors that there will be no opposition from that class." -- Rothschild Brothers of London, 1863

The easiest way to see how the banking system works is to imagine an inverted pyramid, ie with the tip on the ground and the large base at the top. At the bottom is a tiny amount of real money, originally represented by gold and silver coin, and above that in ever larger layers are the levels of credit lent out by the banks. This credit is not real money, but it is treated as real money - the customers, or victims, of the banks still have to repay this credit with interest with real, earned money.

In the United States it is called the "fractional reserve" system. You won't hear economists talk about it much - as I said, they seem very reticent on the subject. The banking system and its agents have created a kind of barrier, like an electric fence, around it. If any professional person were to start talking and questioning the system he would immediately face a chorus of derision, and stand accused of favouring "funny money" or "printing money" and thereby causing inflation. His reputation as a serious economist would be destroyed.

But it is the ridiculous system we have been saddled with for hundreds of years that produces "funny money" and causes inflation. What could be more common sensical that to have the government, or a government agency (accountable to the people) issue our money debt-free? What is more ludicrous than to allow private bankers to issue the nation's money and charge interest on it? No wonder we have sufferred periodical booms and slumps, financial crises and depressions, with the expansion and contraction of the money supply that has given these (mostly alien) private bankers incredible power over the rest of us.

It has enabled them to concentrate their power in an ever smaller number of people, completely unaccountable to anyone but themselves. They have bought politicians and pursued their own peculiar secret agenda to consolidate their power and make their position unchallengeable. They can live their lives in a style to which the rest of us, apart from top footballers, pop stars and other celebrities, cannot hope to aspire.

And through their bought politicians and their funding of private pressure groups like the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Council on Foreign Relations, and other tax-exempt foundations and "charities", these people can have a malign influence on the way whole nations are governed. They are behind the creation of multi-national organisations like the so-called "European Union" and are the real reason why politicians are now so pathologically evasive and incapable of telling the truth.

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