Into The Twenty First Century – Trump, Brexit and the Assault on Europe

If the twentieth century and the first few years of the twenty-first was a period when the self-styled "Global Elite" seemed to have it all their own way, then the years from 2016 may be seen by future historians as a period when ordinary people in all Western countries began to reject the lies and deceptions fed to them by establishment politicians and the controlled media, and to prepare themselves for the struggle for survival that is now almost upon them.

I say this in spite of the recent election of the Rothschild banker and stooge, Macron, to the French presidency. Marine Le Pen, for the Front National, did extremely well to see off the other establishment vassal politicians in the first round of voting, and to win about a third of all valid votes in the final round.

Bear in mind that, in common with all patriotic politicians in Western countries, she had to contend with not only a hostile media but also with physical attacks to which the police turned a blind eye. Macron, on the other hand, is a classic example of a career politician plucked from obscurity, like Obama in 2008, by the forces of evil, and presented to the electorate as the candidate to vote for - young, good looking, and stupid. Oops, make that shrewd and trustworthy.

Macron is pro-EU, of course. He wouldn't have been selected by the "Global Elite" if he wasn't. And, lacking any ideology or sincerity, he's anything you want him to be on everything else, including the crucial issue of open borders and the mass migration of millions of unassimilable, mostly Muslim, asiatics into Europe.

We can be sure that his tenure over the next five years will be disastrous for France and its indigenous people. Muslim mass migration and frequent terrorist attacks against civilians will continue unabated with no plan to deal with either. The French economy, already in dire straits, will continue to deteriorate. It will be more of the same, only worse. We can only hope that Marine Le Pen and her Front National party survive the disappointment of this election and stick to their guns (figuratively speaking) until the next presidential election in 2022 when more French voters will have awoken to the dreadful nightmare engulfing France and the rest of Europe.

However, there is other, better news. The election of President Trump in the United States in November 2016 has been a major setback for the "Elite", not least because he has withdrawn the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership. The TPP is one of several supra-national organizations, like the so-called European Union, that has been set up by the globalists as a means of destroying independent nations. Their grand plan has long been to usher us all into regional groupings on the way to eventually merging the latter and thereby forming a World Government, softly-softly style so no-one notices what's happening until it's too late.

That World Government will, of course, be controlled by the "Elite", with everyone else so multi-culturalized and focused on the endless conflicts (such as the "war on terrorism") that "diverse" societies have to endure that they will be easy to control.

Now we have hope that President Trump's action may cause a domino effect, and that other Pacific-bordering nations will come to their senses and follow the USA in leaving the organization.

For most of his life President Trump hasn't been a politician, but a businessman. He's also a billionaire in his own right, and therefore able to withstand much of the pressure that has been applied to him since he won the election (though not all). As I write, it is too early in his presidency to judge how he will turn out, but that he has been subjected to such an assault by the controlled media is evidence of a desperate attempt by the "Global Elite" to prevent him from completing his term of office.

The year 2016 will also be remembered for the historic Brexit vote in the UK, where the British people decisively rejected their enforced membership of the "European Union". The vassal politicians and the controlled media were so confident of a majority voting to remain in the EU that they almost had a collective nervous breakdown following the result.

This state of shock and bewilderment lasted a couple of months before they managed to regroup and start a process of obstruction and delay. Rather than honour his election pledge of withdrawing the UK from the EU in the event of a majority voting for Brexit, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, took the coward's way out and resigned.

There followed heated arguments over whether the British voting public really understood what they were voting for (!), and whether the majority voted for a "hard" Brexit or a "soft" Brexit (they were asked a simple question and gave a simple answer). There was a High Court battle to force a vote in Parliament to approve the Brexit process. And there were calls for a second referendum as well. You can imagine what the reaction of these people would have been if the vote had gone the other way and Brexit campaigners had called for another vote. Now, it seems, the mood in the UK has hardened even more in favour of Brexit, and calls for a second referendum have faded.

All of this is, needless to say, intended to frustrate the will of the British people in seeking the return of their historic independence and self-reliance. The so-called "European Union" is showing itself in its true colours more and more every day. None of its leading apparatchiks are elected. It is a criminal organisation that has never published any accounts showing where the billions go that it extracts from its unfortunate taxpayers.

Now it is behaving more like a Mafia gang than a supposedly serious political organisation, demanding up to fifty billion pounds sterling as compensation for the UK leaving it. The reality is that, if any money is owed, it is owed by the "European Union" to the UK, which has since 1973 been the second largest net contributor to the communal budget, with much more money being contributed than returned by way of grants and loans.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, who took over from David Cameron following the Brexit vote last summer, has called a General Election in a bid to strengthen her hand in the forthcoming negotiations with the "European Union". She is also cashing in on the anti-EU sentiment now widespread in the country by presenting the Tories as the only party that can be trusted to stand up to the unreasonable demands of the EU negotiators and get us out of Europe.

Those of us who can still remember the history of the Tory party with regard to gaining membership of what was then known as the "Common Market" will see the irony of this. The whole process was an exercise in mass deception, forced through between elections and without any pretense of gaining the support of the country.

Don't forget that if it had been up to the Tories alone then we would have had no referendum in the first place, never mind an actual withdrawal from this unholy "Union". We have to think Nigel Farage and his UKIP party for that. Does this blog support UKIP? No, we do not, though we are happy to acknowledge that without UKIP, and especially its then leader Niger Farage, there would have been no referendum.

UKIP is still basically a free-trade party, and so, while supporting it with regard to getting the UK out of the "European Union", we cannot do any more than that. Should genuine patriots vote UKIP or Tory in the coming General Election? The answer probably depends on the local political setup in each constituency. It would be better to have a sizeable UKIP presence in the House of Commons than to have a huge Tory majority. Theresa May is known for making promises that go down well in the country but then not delivering. She's expected to win a large majority on June 8th. Whether she will use it for the benefit of the country or for herself and the Tory party alone remains to be seen.

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