Alice in Recoveryland

This article was first posted in May, 2009.

The legendary giant American car-maker Chrysler has filed for bankruptcy. It may be saved by being bought by Fiat of Italy. With General Motors and Ford both still heavily dependent on the US Government for bail-out cash, the US auto industry is now in danger of complete collapse. It will probably join Britain's car industry in being restricted to the minority top end of the market.

Meanwhile in the UK, where at least £35 billion of taxpayers' cash has been pumped into bailing out the banks, the chief bankers have awarded themselves around £7 billion in bonuses for having done such a good job over the last 12 months. These people obviously live on another planet where bankers have a right to pay themselves millions of pounds or dollars, drive around in new, expensive luxury cars (imported from abroad), live in spectacular, sumptuous mansions or penthouses, and take frequent, expensive holidays in various idyllic, exotic locations, in return for having nearly bankrupted the whole country through reckless trading and disastrous decision-making in their blind pursuit of profits.

This even puts in the shade (and that's saying something) the antics of our Members of Parliament, who are busy feathering their own nests with unlawful claims upon the public purse such as allowances for second homes that don't actually exist, and so on. The list goes on.

Then in another room of the asylum there are politicians claiming to see the "green shoots of recovery", and saying that before long we'll be back on track again (i.e. living on credit, on the surface of a fragile credit bubble, ostensibly well-off in spite of not producing anything much and importing most of what we consume).

Back in the real world, what we have is a calamity almost beyond belief. Whole wealth-producing swathes of the economies of the western world - particularly the USA and the UK - have been wiped out. Comparing this recession to the 1930s is a false comparison, because back then both countries had fundamentally strong economies and only limited foreign competition.

Now, taking the UK (where I live) as the main example, we have had most of our coal mines shut down, our oil and gas reserves are dwindling, our manufacturing base has been all but completely destroyed by cheap foreign imports, and our farmers, of course, have always been treated absolutely disgracefully. Agriculture could have flourished here over the last 50 or 60 years, instead of which many farmers have struggled to survive and have been made dependent on cash handouts from the so-called "European Union" for producing crops such as oil seed rape that nobody really wants.

I'm afraid the truth is that there is no real "recovery" round the corner. This recession is a watershed in the history of civilisation. It was inevitable from the moment the easy credit and free trade policies were ushered in some thirty or forty years ago. Nearly all politicians of all major political parties, in Britain, Europe and the US, supported these ludicrous policies and now everyone can see where they've brought us.

But it has benefited some people. The "global elite" of David Rothkopf's "Superclass", who control western politicians like puppets on a string, must be very pleased with themselves. They love weak, bankrupt governments and industries. It makes themselves more powerful and hastens the implementation of their hidden agenda.

And just what is their hidden agenda? This video clip of an interview of the late Aaron Russo exposing Nick Rockefeller's admission to him of the aims of the global elite gives us a big clue.

So you know what you have to do now . . .

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