All Smoke And Mirrors

This blog entry was originally made on 6 November 2008.

With the preparation of a new US administration has come the in-word of the moment, “change”.

Such talk is meaningless if no-one is going to tackle head-on the root cause of the recent economic crisis.

If you really want to tackle the fundamental malaise afflicting Western countries, then you have to confront the private banking families that own and control the international banking racket.

None of the cosmetic changes likely to be introduced by a new US president will cut it. Having been financed to the tune of over half a billion dollars by the global elite and their banker friends, he is unlikely to upset them by making them relinquish the power and privilege they enjoy through their ownership of the financial system.

How much longer will the people of the Western world have to suffer through this insanely monstrous and unjust debt system?

Until enough people discover the truth and are prepared to take whatever action is necessary to put an end to this evil.

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Philip Gegan


Another Glimpse Behind The Curtain

This article was first published on this blog on 28 October 2008.

Here in the UK we’ve all been treated to a little entertainment to distract us from the meltdown on the financial markets and the fear of maybe losing our homes and jobs or businesses.

Our shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, is one of those people born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Educated at Eton and Oxford, he’s never had a proper job. Before he became a Conservative Member of Parliament he was a “political adviser”. He found himself way out of his depth when he tried to dump on the Prince of Darkness, aka “Lord” Peter Mandelson, by divulging disparaging remarks made by the latter about his old-enemy-turned-friend Gordon Brown, the UK Prime Minister.

Mandelson, you may recall, is the Rothschild go-between invited back into the UK government by his arch-enemy Brown from his well-paid watering hole as the Eurocrat Trade Commissioner. This recall was made shortly after Brown called in bankers from UBS (shortly itself to succumb to the financial meltdown) and NM Rothschild, to “advise” him on how to handle the crisis.

The spat between Mandelson and Osborne arises from an incident that took place, as most people now know, on board the Queen K, a luxury yacht owned by the Russian aluminium oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, moored off the coast of Corfu, last August. Osborne and Mandelson had been invited on board for some wheeler-dealing and stirring that, it was anticipated would be to the mutual advantage of all present.

Among the other guests were Matthew Freud, Rupert Murdoch’s son in law. Yes, that’s the Rupert Murdoch who owns News International and through it The Times and the News of the World, as well as MySpace, and a host of other media outlets throughout the world.

Also present, as we now know, was Nathaniel (”Nat”) Rothschild, of the banking family and who is, at present at least, a business associate of Deripaska. “Nat” took offence at the way Osborne, an old university chum of his, dropped Mandelson in it, and wrote a letter to the London Times revealing how Osborne, at the same bash, tried to solicit from Deripaska a £50,000 donation to the Conservative Party. Osborne could hardly deny the allegation, having taken with him on board the Tory Party Treasurer, conveniently on holiday nearby at the time.

The story becomes murkier when we learn that Deripaska, although having no criminal record himself, has made his millions by dubious means and has often been associated with criminals.

Now no Rothschild would do anything that wasn’t strictly in his own interests, apart from anything else. I’m not going into the full story about the floating gin palaces of the super rich anchored off Corfu, and how they attract corrupt politicians on the make like flies to rotting flesh. It’s in Rothschild’s interests to keep himself and his parasitic family out of the limelight as far as possible. They prefer operating in the shadows. And Osborne’s revelations, made purely for party political purposes, threatened to expose the extent of Rothschild’s wheelings and dealings with Deripaska and other insalubrious characters.

Osborne had to be taught a lesson and put in his place. But by writing to The Times, Rothschild might have done just the opposite of what he intended. Osborne has been taken down a few pegs and made to look a fool, and a corrupt one at that, but only at the expense of even more media attention being drawn to “Nat”.

We’re all a little more knowledgeable now about how this particular Rothschild makes his money (apart from being a member of this strange family that has assumed for itself a leading role in the international financial racket). We know a little about how Mandelson is under the thumb of the Rothschild clan and prepared for that reason to champion the cause of the tiny, insignificant state of Montenegro, in its quest to join the World Trade Organisation, and from there the European Union.

We know this is in the interests, not of the ordinary folk of Montenegro, but of the likes of Rothschild and his business partners, such as Deripaska, who are financing the building of a massive marina development for the super-rich and their super-yachts at Porto Montenegro, near Tivat, on the Montenegran Adriatic coast. A company controlled by Rothschild bought the site from the Montenegran government in 2006 at a knock-down price.

Various other dubious characters are involved as well, including “Nat”’s father, Lord Rothschild, presumably keeping an eye on his wayward son’s handling of the whole project. This may explain the tacky artifacts imported at fantastic expense to adorn the fledgling hot-spot - giant palm trees from Spain, African teak to line the pier fenders, along with Venezuelan stone to build the  fountains.

No doubt there’ll be more to come on this story, but for now it provides us with a glimpse behind the curtain of secrecy that usually surrounds the global elite while they plot the destruction of us who pose the only remaining threat to them and their plans.

For an excellent article revealing the background of the Credit Crunch, take a look at this while it’s still archived by the Times’ web site -

Philip Gegan