How Real Wealth Is Created – 1

This article was first posted on 15th November 2010.


I think it’s time I set out the three methods whereby real wealth is created. I don’t mean money or debt. I mean the wealth that we all depend on to lead a normal life in our advanced society.

My intention here is to make the process of understanding the fraudulent nature of the banking system much easier to understand.

There are only three ways in which wealth can be created. I’m going to deal with the first one only in this blog entry, to keep it short and to the point.

Wealth Creation Method Number One is agriculture. This covers all farming methods such as horticulture, market gardening, cattle rearing, and so on. It’s unfortunate that agriculture and farmers are looked down upon by bankers and their stooge politicians as if they were some kind of inferior breed.

But let’s be quite open about this. We all depend on the hard work and perseverence of our farmers. If they didn’t produce the food we’d all starve, so don’t let anyone forget that. Just because so often they are lacking in business acumen (this by no means is meant to apply to all of them) doesn’t mean they are not the salt of the earth.

It’s scandalous that farmers have had to bear the brunt of the avariciousness of bankers and economists, and the disdain of stupid politicians, for centuries. The banking elite despise farmers because they are the remnant of the old yeomen, the ever-willing servants of the king and their country, and because they, the bankers, instinctively recognise that almost to a man farmers are better than they ever could be.

After all, if you were trapped on a desert island who would you rather find as  your companions-in-shipwreck, - a dozen bankers or a dozen farmers?

I’ll cover Wealth Creation Method Number Two in the next post.

Meanwhile, spread the word. And if you haven’t already, download your free Guide to finance, Dr R. McNair Wilson’s "Promise To Pay", from the Ancient Banking Secret home page.

Philip Gegan

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