Video Proof – Federal Reserve Are Crooks

This is simply unbelievable! You must see this video. It shows Alan Grayson questioning Elizabeth Coleman, Inspector General of the Federal Reserve.

You remember that trillion dollars that the Federal Reserve pumped into the US economy to prevent a complete financial and economic collapse back in 2008? Or was it two trillion? And don't forget the "off balance sheet" nine trillion or so. With such astronomical figures it doesn't seem to matter (but it does).

Well, the person appointed by the US government to oversee the Federal Reserve, and make sure it doesn't get up to any jiggery pokery, doesn't have a clue what happened to all those trillions.

This is simply staggering, even to an old hand like me, long wise to the world-wide financial scam that passes for international banking.

This video just has to be seen to be believed.

Philip Gegan