Bank for International Settlements in Super-Plot

One of the most informed and articulate observers of the global elite is Ellen Brown. In April 2009 she published the article linked to from here.

It concerns the innocent-sounding Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Founded in 1930 and headquartered at Basel, Switzerland, this low-profile, enigmatic organisation has seldom featured in any discussion in the media concerning economics and finance. It hasn't courted the kind of publicity garnered by the likes of the IMF and World Bank.

Yet it predates both those organisations by around 15 years, and operates quietly in its supposed role of settling balances owed by one nation to another, a kind of international clearing house.

Now it has been put forward as a candidate to be the super-international bank that issues the global currency the plotters and schemers are secretly putting into place to make everyone in all countries completely dependent on them, the global elite.

This move, if allowed to be completed, will be about the most daring and audacious of all the global elite's maneuverings. Read the full article here.

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Philip Gegan