The Truth About The Euro Crisis and The Occupy Wall Street Movement

I don't endorse all the views of David Icke, but I must say that this video is first class.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is in grave danger of being hijacked by the very forces that they profess to be fighting. If you sympathise with them, or even if you don't, then this video is one you just have to see.


The Criminal Rothschilds

This was originally published here in June 2009:

This video I have just been referred to is, I feel, so important, that I have embedded it here and I urge all visitors to this blog to view it.

It lasts just over 10 minutes, and in places you have to read the text quite quickly before it disappears, and you may find the background makes it difficult sometimes, in which case just pause and rewind.

This should be viewed by all intelligent, right minded people of all countries. If the argument presented here is true, and I believe it is, then urgent action is needed on the part of all of us. If enough people like us unite and act in unison quickly then the wretched Rothschilds will be history.

So spread the word, more urgently than ever before . . .