Where It’s Leading Us

This blog post was first made here on 19 November 2008.

Over 2,000 jobs a day are being lost in the UK. No doubt the figure is higher for the US and just as serious for most other Western countries.

One in ten small firms are at risk in the UK. Again, the situation is similar in other countries. The larger companies, of course, are responsible for most redundancies, and these include BT, Virgin Media, Yell, JCB, Vodafone, GlaxoSmithKline and Leyland. Three of these seven giants are actually productive companies producing real products, rather than just services.

Even the usual economic spokesmen quoted in the media agree that worse is to come. The unions are making angry noises, but they are powerless to stop the juggernaut of the recession as it wipes out profits, destroys traditional markets and unleashes a spiral of business failures, unemployment, home repossessions, bankruptcies and, tragically, suicides as well.

There is a huge human cost of this madness. No-one really believes that all the money being thrown at the credit crunch via “bailouts” will do anything other than cause a prolonged depression with huge tax and debt burdens.

Brown and Bush and the other leaders who have decided to “spend” (for which read “borrow”) their way out of recession have saddled their countries with generations of debt, just to try and borrow time and evade the terrifying consequences of the economic madness of recent years.

In the UK that debt now amounts to around £150,000 for every family. And that includes the vast number of single parent families. The UK and the United States and most of their corporations are effectively bankrupt, and no amount of further maxing out the national credit card will help bring about a “recovery”.

It’s a terminal condition. If stern measures aren’t taken now then the eventual crash will be so devastating as to destroy all Western countries and claim the lives of millions of decent, productive people without whom the world will be a far, far poorer place.

This is exactly what the self-appointed global elite want. If you dare check out this breath-taking video admission by Hollywood director and documentary film maker Aaron Russo (not himself associated with the plan, but to be commended on blowing the whistle on them) then you’ll see the sheer scale of the criminality we’re looking at here. They want a 50 per cent reduction in the world’s population and an excuse to electronically tag the survivors so as to keep them well under control and unable to offer any resistance to their enslavement.

Next time I want to talk briefly about the real alternative to what our cowardly and supine governments have done. And it doesn’t involve maxing out the national credit card.

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Philip Gegan


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